Wish List for Open-Access Modernist Source Text Anthology

A recent exchange on the Modernist Studies Association listserv discussed the idea of developing a creative commons site where scholars and teachers working in the field could access primary texts and links (to materials that are not under copyright).


Shawna Ross has put up a wish-list on GoogleDocs, to which all Modernists are invited to contribute. Please add to the list any items you would like to see as part of an open-access sourcebook for modernism. The list focuses on primary materials, but there is a section at the end of the document for suggested secondary texts.


Aside from being an interesting exercise in spontaneous field-mapping, this will assist in making the repository a reality in the very short term.


Visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Wibh_vEheI2A8LtpF22-qCrfjuDPWj_jvebPQ7eJOY/edit?usp=sharing to add your items.