1) The Australasian Modernist Studies Network (AMSN) shall exist to support and promote the study of modernism in Australasia and the wider region.

2) The activity of the AMSN shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

a) Maintaining a website and mailing list.
b) Collecting and disseminating information relating to modernist studies in Australasia and internationally.
c) Organising conferences, symposia and workshops.
d) Sponsoring scholarly publications.
e) Developing links with international and national scholars and organisations.

3) Membership of the AMSN shall be open to all individuals with an interest in modernism. A condition of membership shall be the payment of fees, at a level set by the Executive Committee. Members shall be entitled to attend AMSN events, have their details publicised on the AMSN website, vote at AMSN general meetings, and stand for election to AMSN offices.

4) The AMSN shall be administered by an Executive Committee of at least six individuals. The Network will always have a designated Secretary, Treasurer and Website Coordinator and can, at its own discretion, nominate other specific areas of responsibility for each Executive Committee member. Each Committee member shall be elected for a two-year term, with no bar to a committee member seeking re-election. If required, an Executive Committee member can request that any matter considered by the Executive Committee be put to a vote, which shall require a simple majority of Committee members to pass.

5) The AMSN Executive shall call, not less than once every two years, a general meeting. This meeting will normally be scheduled during an AMSN sponsored conference. This meeting shall serve the purpose of allowing the Executive Committee to report on the state of the organisation, for members to raise questions and suggestions, and allow any member in good standing to stand for election to the Executive Committee.

6) Quorum:

a) In the Executive Committee a quorum consists of at least 50% of the elected members
b) In a General Meeting, quorum consists of at least 10% of subscribed members

7) The AMSN shall maintain a national advisory board and an international advisory board. Membership of these boards shall be open to senior scholars of recognised distinction in the field, and shall be offered at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The role of the advisory boards shall be to guide and inform the activity of the AMSN, and the expertise of advisory board members shall be called upon in whatever manner the Executive Committee sees fit.