Keynote Speakers

The AMSN and the University of Western Sydney are very proud to present the following four keynote speakers as part of the 2012 AMSN Symposium programme:


Professor Henry Sussman,

Visiting Professor, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Yale University; Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies Morphomata, University of Cologne. Proudly sponsored by Philosophy@UWS.

Title of presentation: “Theory on the Fly: Critical Synthesis Under Conditions of Material Pirating and Borrowed Time: Benjamin’s Passagen-Werk”



Professor Sascha Bru,

Professor of Literary Theory, K.U.Leuven; founder and executive committee member of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM). Proudly supported by the School of Humanities and Languages, University of Western Sydney.

Title of presentation: “The Shock of the Now: The Sensual Experience of Time in the Modernist Avant-Gardes”



Associate Professor Jonathan Flatley,

Department of English, Wayne State University. Proudly sponsored by the Writing and Society Research Group, University of Western Sydney and the AMSN.

Title of presentation: “Liking, Likeness, and the Color-Line in Andy Warhol”



Professor Gail Jones,

Writing and Society Research Group, University of Western Sydney

Title of presentation: ‘”Growing small wings”: Walter Benjamin, Lola Ridge and the political affect of modernism’