Audio Recordings

This webpage contains audio recordings of keynote and panel sessions presented at the ‘Modernism, Intimacy and Emotion’ symposium which was held at The Grace Hotel, Sydney on the 6-7 February, 2012.

The intellectual content contained in these audio recordings remains under the copyright of the author/speaker and must be acknowledged appropriately if referenced in another context. We gratefully thank all those presenters who permitted the Australian Modernist Studies Network to make these audio recordings of their conference presentations available to the wider modernist studies community.



Professor Sascha Bru (Professor of Literary Theory, K.U. Leuven)
“The Shock of the Now: The Sensual Experience of Time in the Modernist Avant-Gardes”
Chair: Julian Murphet

Associate Professor Jonathan Flatley (Department of English, Wayne State University)
“Liking, Likeness, and the Color-Line in Andy Warhol”
Chair: Ann Vickery

Professor Gail Jones (Writing and Society Research Centre, University of Western Sydney)
‘“Growing small wings”: Walter Benjamin, Lola Ridge and the political affect of modernism’
Chair: Lorraine Sim

Professor Henry Sussman (Visiting Professor, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Yale University)
“Theory on the Fly: Critical Synthesis Under Conditions of Material Pirating and Borrowed Time: Benjamin’s Passagen-Werk”
Chair: Dimitris Vardoulakis


Day 1: Monday 6th February 2012


The Relationship Between Form and Feeling in Modernist Literature
Chair: Mark Byron
Iain Bailey, “Beckett, Tone and Distress”
Eric Sandberg, ‘“To want and not to have”: Desire and Form in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse’
Ann Vickery, “Fond(s) of You: Reading Between Love and Sainthood in the Archive of Lesbia Harford”



Modernist Women Writers and Emotion
Chair: Patricia Juliana Smith
Caroline Webb, ‘“The Only Real Person in a World of Human Flowers”: Emotion and the Solitary Subject in Modernist Fantasy’
Melissa Boyde, ‘“Out of her emotional depth”: Gertrude Stein’s Queer Demonstration’
Helen Rydstrand, “Brevity and Rhythm: Modernist Poetics in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Prelude’”

Modernism and Performance
Chair: Andrew Carruthers
Carolyn Burns, “The Representation of Reason and Desire in Adaptations of Thomas Mann’sDeath in Venice”
Michelle Duffy and Paul Atkinson, “Unnatural movements: Modernism’s shaping of intimate relations in Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps”
Bradley Wells, “Violent Flesh: Incarnational Love in the Verse Drama of Charles Williams—a very modern ‘Inkling’”



Virginia Woolf and Modernist Aesthetics
Chair: Caroline Webb
Yu-Yen Liu, “Unsettling the Rhetoric of Modernism: Emotions, Aesthetics, and Woolf’s Fiction”
Christina Alt, “Sentiment-objects: Virginia Woolf and the emotion in things”

Film and Modernism: Artistic Intimacies
Chair: Julian Murphet
James Gourley, “Intimate Time: The Limits of Temporality in Don DeLillo’s Point Omega”
Jason Tuckwell, “The Function of Limits”
Anthony Uhlmann, “Modern Film in Coetzee’s In the Heart of the Country”


Day 2: Tuesday 7th February


Modernism and the Body
Chair: Bronwen Levy
Fiona Gregory, “Death, Fashion and Feeling: Reading Around The Suicide of Dorothy Hale(1939)”
Alix Baumgartner, “‘O cant you see it, O cant you see it’: Barely seeable bodies and the composite aesthetic in Jean Toomer’s Cane”
Prudence Black, “Practices of Intimacy: The Touch of the Cloth”

James Joyce and Modernism
Chair: John Attridge
Miri Jassy, “Cutting room flaw: assaying pleasure and perversion in the filmed intimacies ofFinnegans Wake”
Nicola Spunt, “Modernism and Intimacy: Between Ontology and Tropology in Joyce”



Marra: Transferring Emotion
Chair: Ivor Indyk
Mark Byron, “Dispersed Passion in Beckett’s Watt”
Emmett Stinson, “‘Deadness’, Affect and Laughter in Wyndham Lewis’s The Apes of God”
David Large, ‘“The power and purity”: Sublimation and projection in Malcolm Lowry’sUltramarine’

Shame and Modernism
Chair: Sue Thomas

Erica Johnson, “Sasha’s Shame: Affective Memory in Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight”

Naomi Milthorpe: ‘“Too, too shaming:” Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies’




Ugly Feelings and Modernism
Chair: Anthony Uhlmann
Amy Parish, “Disappointing Sons: Guilt, intimacy and estrangement in Franz Kafka’s ‘Letter to His Father’ and J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime”
Lachlan Montgomery, “An Icon of Abjection: Cultural Anxiety and the Outcast in the Novels of Jean Genet”
John Attridge, “Jealousy, contingency and telephones in A la recherche du temps perdu”

Australian Literary Modernisms
Chair: Gail Jones
Ivor Indyk, “Patrick White’s Calico Bag”
Joy Wallace and John O’Carroll, “The man without intimacy: The role of Gilbert in The Little Company”
Bronwen Levy, “Intimacy and Emotion in Elizabeth Jolley”



Modernism, Affect, and Understanding
Chair: Prudence Black
Susan Best, “Art, intimacy and affect: The late works of Lygia Clark”
Cristina Silaghi, “Inner Process, Outer Form: Empathy, Representation and Abstraction in the Early Twentieth-Century Writings of Wilhelm Worringer”
Christopher Oakey, “Intimate Experiences: affect and understanding in H.D.’s Sea Garden”

Marra: Decorum or Intimacy?
Chair: Ann Vickery
Patricia Juliana Smith, “All is Fair in Love and War: Intimacy, Deceit and Treason in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day”
Jessica Gildersleeve, ‘“A little point of darkness”: The Anxiety of Intimacy in Elizabeth Taylor’sAt Mrs Lippincote’s (1945) and Palladium (1946)’

Karen Barker, “Vitalist Sexuality: D.H. Lawrence’s Repudiation of Intimacy”