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Feminist Modernist Studies

Feminist Modernist Studies is seeking essays for a special, launching double-issue “New Feminist Modernisms,” falling into either of the following three categories:

*  “Think pieces” of between 4,000 and 9,000 words (double-spaced) on “the state of and/or future of feminist modernist studies” in literature/culture/art. These may address the field generally or apply to particular areas such as queer studies, African American studies, global studies, interdisciplinary studies etc.
*   Essays of no more than 9,000 words on “modern women and ‘crossings.’”  These may include, but are not limited to, women crossing aesthetic styles, geographical borders, cultures, race/ethnicities in literature/culture/art—including dance, film, graphic art, etc. as well as literature.
*   Essays of no more than 9,000 words on “female and/or LGBTQ gender/sexuality/the body” in literature/culture/art.

Submission information:

Submissions are due April 15, 2017 and should be sent directly to the editor Cassandra Laity at

N.B. The journal is not yet accepting general submissions, so please only submit papers intended for this special double issue. Information regarding general submissions will follow in due course.

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